Saturday, November 21, 2015

8 handy things to do with your old smartphone

Here are a few ideas from HTC on non-wasteful ways to get rid of your old mobile device:

Sell it to a buyback service
If you need some cash you could sell it to Zwipit This company will pay for your smartphone, neaten it up and sell it to someone else. The online process is relatively pain free and Zwipit will arrange a courier and assess your device and pay you what they feel it is worth.

Trade it in
Some stores and networks offer great trade-in deals – offering you a discount on your new device in exchange for your phone.

Advertise it on an online classified service
You might just get a better price for your smartphone. You can advertise it on sites like Gumtree or OLX. Just follow these common sense tips along the way:

Use it as a hotspot
I really like this idea.  If you constantly need access to the internet use your old smartphone as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot.  You’ll have internet access wherever you go without constantly running down the battery of your primary smartphone.

Turn it into a mobile gaming console
It could possibly be a perfect gaming console for your child. Are you a gamer? Why not turn it into a retro games arcade?

Play some music
Plug the smartphone into a loudspeaker and use apps such as Mix Radio or TuneIn Radio to turn it into a makeshift radio. You could also use it for podcasts or load your own music onto it.

Give it away
You could help someone out in need such as a house helper or charity.  Perhaps you know someone who might just need a phone.

Recycle it
Perhaps it is beyond repair or use.  Consider recycling it. There are many e-waste disposal sites around the country.

These tips courtesy of HTC.
The HTC Desire 626 is available at MTN stores nationwide.

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