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Tech News around South Africa

Samsung introduces Daily News with their Smart TV's

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – November 22, 2013  – Building on Samsung’s innovative Smart TV experience, Samsung Electronics South Africa today announces the launch of the NewsON panel, providing easy access to timely news information and content straight to Samsung Smart TVs in South Africa. With a click of a remote users have immediate access, even in low bandwidth environments, to the day’s most popular news and weather reports, ensuring Samsung TV consumers are well informed.

NewsON is freely available for Samsung Smart TV owners via the Samsung Smart Hub. This new feature offers a snapshot of the latest news and weather via Yahoo - the first partner for the NewsON panel. Allowing users to click through, see story summaries and full articles or streaming news video clips. This interactive interface provides the most important local stories as well as weather reports for all the main cities in South Africa, with Flickr photos in the background. By updating the Smart TV firmware to version 1112.6 higher, consumers will be able to access the new NewsON panel.

"Samsung believes in making solutions that are not only technologically innovative but provide its customers with convenience that enriches their lives. NewsON is another example of this and will keep consumers updated with local and international news in the comfort of their living room," says Lance Berger, Head of Product Marketing TV/AV at Samsung Electronics South Africa.

"By enhancing the Smart Hub, Samsung is further providing innovative capabilities to its products that give users immediate benefits that positively impact their daily lives” continues Berger.

NewsON gives users a more connected life by providing readily accessible and relevant local content. This new feature is part of Samsung’s commitment to expanding the TV experience beyond simply watching television and movies, and to bring knowledge, news and the most immersive entertainment experience to everyone, everywhere.

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Vodacom recognised as Best Performer on JSE SRI Index

Vodacom, South Africa’s largest mobile operator, was one of six companies recognised as a Best Performer company on the JSE’s Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Index. 

Vodacom is the only ICT company to be recognised as a Best Performer on the SRI Index.

The mobile operator qualified as a Best Performer in the low environmental impact category. The index recognises those companies that regard society, governance and environment as an integral part of their corporate strategy, and ultimately share this information transparently in their reporting.

(Source - Vodacom) 

Bringing home the “Holiday Magic” this December
A rugby trip to New Zealand and an opportunity to meet Pat Lambie is up for grabs

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – November 26, 2013 – Samsung South Africa has launched an exciting promotion to bring the ‘Holiday Magic’ to its consumers this Festive Season. The promotion provides great added value when purchasing any Smart TV, wireless audio product, Blu-ray DVD player or home theatre system at Samsung Experience Stores and leading retail outlets, nationwide.  

“The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to buy gifts and spoil loved ones. We too at Samsung would like to reward our loyal consumers by adding a little extra Holiday Magic to their lives. Consumers will receive 10 free movie rentals from Samsung Video Hub and the free NewsOn panel with every Smart TV purchased. With the purchase of any wireless audio product, consumers will receive three months free unlimited access to Simfy Africa; and with the purchase of any Samsung Blu-ray or home theatre product, they will receive four free movie rentals from Mr Video,” says Lance Berger, Head of Product Marketing for TV/AV at Samsung Electronics South Africa.    

When purchasing any of the above mentioned products, consumers also stand the chance to win a trip to New Zealand valued at R70 000 and the opportunity to meet and share the experience with rugby star Pat Lambie, who has become a much loved rugby icon to many South Africans. As one of its Brand Ambassadors, Samsung wanted to give fans the opportunity to stand a chance to meet Lambie and enjoy the experience of watching a live rugby game with him in New Zealand.

The Samsung Holiday Magic competition was launched on the 15 November 2013, and ends on the 15 January 2014

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Samsung Unveils Rhino Crime Fighting App
Using Smart Technologies to combat rhino poaching with the eRhODIS™ App

Johannesburg, December 04, 2013 – Samsung Electronics South Africa is the exclusive technology partner for the Rhinoceros DNA Index System (RhODIS®) - established by the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at the Faculty of Veterinary Science of the University of Pretoria. RhODIS® was developed as a forensic tool to assist in addressing the current rhino poaching crisis in South Africa by linking recovered rhinoceros horn to poaching cases which has supported in the successful prosecution of poachers and wildlife crime syndicates.

The mobile application, which provides the information technology backbone to support RhODIS®, was unveiled at the recent international DNA training workshop held at the South African Wildlife College in collaboration with the Department of Environmental Affairs and the International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime (ICCWC).

South Africa is currently facing a crisis as the number of rhinos killed has increased drastically. This can be seen in the large leap from 333 rhinos poached in 2010 to 860 this year. The report further showed that the Kruger National Park continues to bear the brunt of rhino poaching, as reported by the DEA this month. The continued fight against rhino poaching has united the nation – with valiant and well-coordinated efforts implemented by government, law enforcement agencies, South African National Parks and private organisations.

Craige Fleischer, Director of Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics South Africa explains, “The availability of eRhODIS™ will enhance data accuracy, increase access of information to authorities and have a positive impact in convicting criminals of these crimes. Samsung is honoured to be in a position to contribute innovative technology solutions aimed at supporting this great cause and assist in protecting South Africa’s wildlife, and more specifically the rhino.”

The eRhODIS™ mobile app is used to gather DNA evidence, geographical data and upload photographs. Collected information has already been used as evidence to support several cases involving poachers and traffickers. It links the suspect to a specific crime scene through matching DNA from recovered horns and weapons used to kill animals. The database also includes DNA profiles of live rhinoceros and horn in stockpiles, which further provides a powerful tool for authorities to trace and link each animal and horn individually. The archive presently includes over 10 000 samples from black and white rhinoceros from all over Africa.

The eRhODIS™ app has been designed to guide the user through the standard procedure of collecting samples and completing required data fields. It is intended to support the use of the rhinoceros sampling kits developed as part of the project and is available to all investigators, the environmental management inspectorate, veterinarians and officials trained and authorised to use the RhODIS
Ò kits.

During a rhino poaching investigation, data is initially collected at the crime scene. Equipped with a Samsung GALAXY Note 8 loaded with the application, investigators are able to collect data related to the DNA evidence and upload information to a secure cloud server as soon as the device is within network range. The laboratory receives this information instantly and is able to view who submitted the report. A completed sample collection form, in PDF format, is emailed to the investigator which is then printed and added as a paper copy to the evidence bag with samples for submission to the laboratory.

Dr Cindy Harper, Director of the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at the University of Pretoria, said, “RhODISÒ continues to play a vital role in fighting rhinoceros crime in South Africa and its implementation and utilisation internationally could play a key role in bringing people and syndicates involved in wildlife crime to book.”

“There is an urgent need to curb rhino poaching in South Africa and we are proud to be associated with this project that assists with the prevention and combat of environmental crime. Conservation success depends on innovative private and public sector partnerships which offer accelerated access and exchange of information to link groups involved in environmental offences to specific offenses,” concludes Fleischer.

(Source - Samsung) 
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