Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Frontier Advisory talks Social Media in Africa

Frontier Advisory talks Building Companies and Brands through the Rise of Social Media in Africa

The concept of Social Media is top of the agenda for many brands and companies in Africa. Social media provides a unique opportunity for brands to foster long lasting relationships with their customers and it can be a very powerful weapon in the corporate realm.
A research, strategy, and advisory firm; Frontier Advisory held an interesting event on the 22nd of July 2014 at Sandton, Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). Building Companies and Brands through the Rise of Social Media in Africa was the topic of the day. 
The panel of speakers included:
Dr Martyn Davies, Chief Executive Officer, frontier Advisory
Justin Spratt; Managing Director, Quirk Digital Agency
Addiel Dzinoreva; Executive Director, Social Media Week Johannesburg
Nicholas Kuhne; Managing Director, Wunderbrand
Walter Pike; Founder, Pike New Marketing
Mike Sharman; Owner, Retroviral Digital Communications
Dion Chang; Corporate Trend Analyst and Design Consultant, Flux Trends
Frank Rizzo; Technology Sector leader, KPMG Africa
Jonathan Ainscough; Social media manager, Wits Business School & Search Online casting

They got together and conversed about the significance of social media and how brands and companies can capitalise and grow through social media platforms. The most important factor that was conferred about is ‘Authenticity’.

Brands need to be genuine and transparent on the digital landscape because it means a great deal to audiences. At the at end of the day social media is not about the number of followers you have but is all about managing the customers journey from its initial awareness to total engagement, building relationships and maintaining them.

In this case when it comes to your social media presence, quality should always trump quantity. Frontier Advisory really informed a lot of delegates and great event it was. 

Article by +Molly Dimpho 

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