Tuesday, January 6, 2015

LG ushers in a new Era and see the UK's first mobile call

LG Ushers in New Year with 'Innovation For A Better Life'

Dr Ahn of LG explaining the Internet of Things at CES 2015.

He explained that IoT is transforming the way consumers live, work and play.
At CES 2015 he unveiled the webOS 2.0 upgraded smart TV platform.

LG is also expanding IoT into cars as well with V2X technologies.

Find out more here: www.LGnewsroom.com/ces2015

(Source - LG)

Blast From The Past

Sir Ernest Harrison is shown low res below, answering the phone at his Surrey home during a New Year’s party, to receive the UK’s first mobile call on

1st January 1985:

1 January marked the 30th anniversary of the first mobile call in the UK. 

The first mobile handset, a Vodafone VT1 Transportable, was originally sold for £1,650 – equivalent to R75,000 today with inflation. (10 hours charge time, 30 mins talk time).

Watch this - http://youtu.be/jcw_ZFxAR6g for a video of children reviewing these 1980s cellphones.

(Source - Vodacom)

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