Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cell C becomes a hero for the South African National Blood Service

Cell C has been put in the good books for the South African national Blood Service when 170 of their staff from around the country donated blood to the South African National Blood Services to potentially treat over 500 patients. The blood drive, which allowed regional departments to compete so as to have the most blood, donated over two days, forms part of the company’s “Believe” Campaign.

Celebrities and key industry players such as former Miss SA; Melinda Bam, Bokang Montjane; Charl Crouse, CEO from EP Kings Rugby; and the Sharks rugby team coach John Smit took part  in these drives to show their support for the initiative. 

Cell C’s Executive Head of Communications, Karin Fourie says: “The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) needs to collect 3000 units of blood a day to meet the country’s demand for blood transfusions. Stocks often run low during the festive season, because of lower collections while people are on holiday, and also increased traffic to casualty wards at hospitals around the country.”

SANBS provides a vital service in South Africa and it is also rated amongst the best in the world in the provision of blood and blood products. They also provide research and training in these areas.

 “We encouraged our staff to donate blood so that they can help save lives. Of the over 50 million South Africans, less than 1% donate blood every year. We would like to appeal to the all South Africans to follow in Cell C’s footsteps and donate blood to help save the lives of millions of South Africans in need of a transfusion,” says Fourie.

Article by +Lauren Immelman 
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