Monday, May 26, 2014

All About The Red Light And Blackberry


People’s heads are always down and not because they have depression but because they have a Blackberry in their hands and their eyes are glued to it. One of the dominant names in the global smartphone market that hit the app world by storm considered to be the most purchased smartphone globally and still has the largest market share over its leading competitor iPhone. Knowing very well that majority of students own Blackberry smartphones, this is what University of Johannesburg students had to say.

‘Blackberry messenger is my favourite because it is a convenient way for me to always stay up to date with what my friends are getting up to via their status updates, they can be really juicy too. Gone are the days when we would send each other text messages and not even be sure whether or not your friend has received it. BBM shows you the minute your message has been received and read, so my friends cannot lie and make excuses saying that they didn’t receive it.’   

A lot of students said they find picmix very interesting because it is an exciting and a great app for editing pictures, the filters it has gives pictures the perfect lighting, it blurs out any imperfections and it can crop out whoever you don’t want in the picture. With picmix you can also share the picture directly to Facebook. Students emphasized the fact that picmix is the new age revolution to collaging because now they can juxtapose different pictures of different moments or people close to them in different frames and in one picture. Meaning users can share their #BBMoments with the world and for a chance to have their stories featured on Inside Blackberry.

What do you use your Blackberry mostly for… A lot of people use it for social media because Blackberry comes with a lot of social media integrated apps. When you click on the social media icon on your home screen, it is a direct link to the site meaning you do not have to go to your web browser and you receive the messages directly to your phone. Other people will use it mostly for receiving emails on their phones and it is very convenient because now you do not have to wait till you get to your laptop in order to check your emails. BBM plays a major role in how we communicate with each other, and this is a great way to share the various ways iPhone, Android and Blackberry users leveraging BBM to communicate with their loved ones.

What do you do when your BIS expires? ‘I panic because I’m so used to receiving notifications and the red light flickering for me to attend to my texts. And I feel like my life is over and I have to rush to buy my Blackberry Internet Service as soon as possible.’ 

Article by +Molly Dimpho 
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