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Job Positions In Social Media and we review the Fujitsu Event held in Sandton recently

Working in Social Media


Social Media is a growing phenomenon that has become an integral part of our modern society. The Following professions play a big role in the social media world.

Digital Strategist refers to someone who successfully plans, analyse, recommends and implements multi-channel marketing strategies to meet marketing goals. A Digital Strategist is responsible for analytics, ability to work across disciplines, familiarity with the content production tools and technologies, a lot of writing, project management and has to understand traditional and digital marketing and some knowledge on how businesses work.

Social Media Strategist is someone who helps a company projecting a profile picture and also interacting with audience through social media. This includes marketing skills, social media, and online content management. The responsibilities include helping a company with developing consistent and flexible social media plan.

Social Media Manager is an individual in an organisation who does the monitoring, filtering and measuring social media of a brand, product or corporation. Social media manager’s role is to define an SEO strategy, design a plan to tackle a social media reputation crisis, select what tools and apps will be used to perform tasks, work closely with the client and various departments of the company, to discuss the results and propose strategic improvements: Public Relations, Marketing etc.

Community Manager builds relationships with key members of the community and influencers, moderating conversations and encouraging specific topics, running regular programmes and events, channelling input and response from community. Community managers develop strategies for increasing engagement and conversations, they also show new features and accomplishments of the company.

Fujitsu Business Centric Datacentre event in Sandton

The Fujitsu Business Centric Datacentre event was really an interesting event that took place on the 06th of May 2014 in Sandton, Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel. The aim was to strengthen relationships with customers and promote latest developments and advanced technologies.

There were great speakers lined up like Rodney Smith the Sales Director of Fujitsu. He explained Fujitsu’s vision in line with the human centric intelligent society and the innovations that make the social exists for example the physical, digital business models that are driving innovations and creating new experiences. Uwe Neumeier the Vice President Server Systems he presented about datacentre trends and solutions which helps overcome today’s challenges like the PRIMEQUEST 2000 infrastructure server solutions it set new level of performance and system resilience that are unrivalled on any other x86 system.

He also emphasized Fujitsu’s cloud services, the fact that cloud it is not just a passing phenomenon but it is a paradigm shift set to change the entire ecosystem in accordance with the solutions provided via the cloud offer which is obvious agility, control, speed and cost efficient advantages. Cloud era has created an unprecedented explosion of data and digital information which are essential to generate new business.

Another interesting speaker was Avi Mistry, Enterprise Lead at Intel South Africa he mentioned the most important issue, reducing energy consumption in terms of how green are their IT suppliers, the importance of green washing and informed the delegates about the latest Intel inside Xeon. Fujitsu also contributes to global greenhouse gas reductions as their systems are optimized to provide the best energy efficiency from the mainboards developed and manufactured in Germany through to the selection of components. Everything is providing minimum power consumption and simultaneously the best computer performance. These are efforts to offer economy-wide technological climate solutions as Fujitsu is in the third place with a score of 48 points so Fujitsu’s high score in the IT climate category and is high ranked, that was key to it securing that high overall position.

At the end of the day, The Fujitsu Business Centric Datacentre event was held successfully. The venue was up to standard, the power point presentations were concise and the content as well, visuals were well-placed and they welcomed their delegates with generosity. 

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